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Who are we? What do we get from this?

We here at CertCollections have finally had enough of the greedy paywalled exam industry. Our staff of six IT professionals have years of experience in the IT industry and before forming CertCollections we worked in testing fields where we observed the horrors of the paywall exam-prep system. It was seeing the abuse of the prep system that made the six of us disillusioned. And because of that, we decided it was time to make a change. We had to do something different. To be better. So CertCollections was created to offer quality materials without stealing from everyday people trying to make a living.

And that’s simply how CertCollections was born. A place to offer an alternative to money-hungry test companies. A site that leverages the abilities of the amazing IT community to make a place you can belong, without charging outrageous fees for regurgitated content.

Why do we do this?

Working in the paywall exam prep industry was enlightening. Instead of engineers writing top-notch exam preps we saw low-level employees copying answers from community message boards and other exam websites. Most of the material we come across on other websites originally was created by the incredible IT community worldwide and put behind a paywall for a quick buck. Content farm companies simply copy and paste this information in inaccurate study dumps and charge a ton of money to see the exam preps. Fees we commonly saw reached as high as $120 for community-created materials that should have been free!

The certification world is an incredible tool for making positive changes in the world. Those who can’t afford college have an opportunity to get amazing jobs through self-study. Those who need to climb the career ladder can pursue certification and find themselves in some of the most amazing jobs in the world. It takes a ton of discipline, patience, and work. The last thing it should take is more money from the pockets of passionate community members who love technology. We want to help those seeking a better life, who love tech, who want to work hard, and succeed.